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Hey maaaaaaaaaaaaate!!

Have been speculating what has happened to you and so very glad you came to have a look at the site and see all the friendships you created with this site. I love them all !

Have been thinking of you and well, here you are ! Makes me smile big ! <img src='style_emoticons//smile.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’smile.gif’ />

What's news over here . . . ?

We've just come back from taking our little Aussie Silky Terrier for a little Farm stay in a little village time place called Kangaroo Valley – it was just brilliant spending some time with him as all we seem to do is work, work, work!

Last year I had a surprise major heart surgery – nothing in particular 'wrong' with me, but apparently a necessary 'thing' to have fixed since I had a hole in my heart since birth that I didn't know about . . . it just got bigger and bigger as I grew up.

No real symptoms, just accidentally went to the docs for a check up for no real particular reason . . . like going to the dentist, but I do that annually and hadn't been to the doctors for 16 years . . .

This year spent most of it renovating our kitchen. It's magical now, but at a cost of 3 times the budget originally planned, so it would want to be !

We're experiencing similar patterns to the rest of the world in terms of financial difficulties (though maybe not so extreme) and strange weather patterns . . . we've had our share of disasters here too (with extreme fires – many lives and homes lost), but otherwise everyone is happy with what they have.

In terms of solid perfume collections, well I'm tentatively buying again, and very happy learning more about the new ones coming out and even writing about them in the story.

I love your 'new' doggies and was sad to hear about your other ones passing away. I know they would have had a great life with you guys though.

You take care and make sure you come back here more often ! We have all missed you probably more than you know.