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Caroline, I laughed my head off when I read the story about the cat although at the time it must have been horrendous.

I shall never forget when I went to stay with family. I was tucked up in bed, alone, and fell off to sleep. I gradually awoke to feel something stroking my leg under the covers. It was quite creepy as my husband wasn't there (not that he would stroke my leg) and I thought what the hell is that. It gradually continued up my leg and by that time I was wide awake, jumped out of the bed, let out one helluva scream, only to see their huge ginger cat leap up and out of the door!

I stood on the landing expecting everyone downstairs to be chasing up to my room to see what had happened! Then I heard laughing! Apparantly the cat loves the spare room and I had left the door open. So he came, to join me!!!!!! UGH.


Martha, your story was/is sooooooo funny. I love reading all these funny stories. Anymore????????????????????

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