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Thanks a lot Ann – and best thanks Ann for your detailed explanations – that's exactly that way!!!

I am very pleased that I won this solid (for a reasonable price). Today a desire became true – I won a preferential, long desired piece!!!

There are no more many solids missing in my collection – but in reality I have only like three prototypes.

For the future I wish myself for my collection some more prototypes (like for example we know there is the “Magic Dragon” from 1999 in gold, or silver, red, or black each with white crystales and naturally the white/gold “Dragon” from 2005 ). There are still some more for which I would pay “good money”, simply because I would like to have these “Solid-Prototypes”!

In incomplete and defective solids I am absolutely not interested!!!

Have a great Weekend,

Liliane (hoping for more prototypes)