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I don know if it was a hoax or not but I was at the IPBA convention in Atlanta 2000 and Bob Conte was there showing a film of the solids and how they were made. Also were shown were pictures of future solids and I recall the painters palette being one of the 2001 models. I still have an email from David Jones in Australia listing the Dazzling Gold Painter Palette at $250AU.
Now if that doesnt confuse you also listed in the email is something called a Beautiful Snow Globe at $530AU. [Puzzled]
When I inquired I was told that these would not be available. [Eek!]
At last years IPBA convention Estee previewed the solids for 2002. In that group was a saxaphone which never made it into production for whatever reason. So how soon will we be seeing 2002 saxaphones? [Confused]