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They want to escape paying ebay end-of-auction fees. Why else would they end an auction early and email the bidder for offers? Unless, they want to cheat people out of their money. No high bidder = no feedback opportunities for complaints. [Suspicious] [Mad]

I guess I’m paranoid. Read the ebay message boards such as “Trust & Safety” and see what others say. I read it too much, so I am cautious about ebay transactions. I almost NEVER send $$ for offers made….saying to myself “oh, not again” and deleting their emails. And, I never contact my bidders to make them offers. [Cry] [Suspicious]

PS: I don’t know if you guys know this, but ebay has a feature called “Second Chance Offer”. When the auction ends and you have more of the same item, you can offer it to the 2nd highest bidder for their max bid. You don’t pay extra listing fees only end-of-auction fees. The 2nd bidder has 3 days to end this auction (basically a private listing for 1 person that nobody else sees). Bidder is not obligated to accept it. But, if they do, they have an opportunity to leave feedback after the transaction. I haven’t used it as a seller; I used it to purchase the international pig. [Smile] [Silly] [Razz]