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I am in desperate [Frown] search for any of the following older Estee Solids that someone may want to sell or trade! [Razz] I am looking for the following: Either one of the Heirlooms on pg.39; old English Fair or the Polished stone on p.44; legend lock p.48; any on page 54; Seashell Necklace p.60; Night Jewel p.61; Happiness box or Ivory Carver’s p.67; all on page 68 except for the octagon with red center; Holiday Remembrance p.69; Holiday Remembrance p.70; Treasure Box p. 87; Wide Wing Butterfly p.94; White Turtle p.97 The perfume needs to be mint or near mint! If you
have any of these for sell please let me know. I can’t afford to buy all of them, but if I could just find any one of them! [Big Grin]
Thanks to all!