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When I first started collecting solids I knew nothing about them. I also collect Moorcroft pottery and Leonard Lauder was the founder member of the Moorcroft Collectos Club. This is run by the company and you pay an annual fee for which you get magazines throughout the year, information, news about sales and, my favourite, a special pot exclusive to the members for sale only that year. I wrote to Mr Lauder, marking it private and confidential in the hope he would read it personally and it wouldn’t just be left to one of his minions to deal with. I suggested the company do something similar to the Moorcroft club as I felt sure it would boost sales. This was at the start of 2001 and I have yet to receive even an acknowledgement from him. [Mad] (Lorraine, I see from a previous post you to have had a similar experience writing to Estee Lauder!)
Now I have found Lisa’s site I just wonder why Lauders don’t do something similar.
Trouble is, if it was official would it then be impersonal. Trouble is, should we keep Lisa to ourselves or do you think she should be in charge of a corporate site? If it was corporate, would our moans be printed? Maybe I’m answering my own question here, maybe it’s better or at least more open, not to be run by the corporation.
What are your thoughts? I would have thought Lauders would have seen this idea as a money-spinner. Am I being dim here? [Confused] [Puzzled] [Confused] [Puzzled]