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Hi Nancy,

several years ago I wrote to the Lauder company too… answer at all. Then I got to know a sales manager of Lauder and she told the headoffice to answer my fax and I got a tiny notice from them, but no answer to my questions.
Lauder isn’t at all interested in us collectors, at least not about giving any help to us. I had a similar frustrating experience with Lauder UK.
Why are you interested in dealing with them??? According to my opinion we got this wonderful place from Lisa & Jack to share our ideas and thoughts, isn’t this much more satisfying our desires??? At least for myself it is more than that, they have my deep appreciation for their work and believe me I know what I’m takling about. I have had this idea since a very long time but wasn’t able to realize it myself as I’m not good in “programming a computer”… fortunately it has been realized by Lisa & Jack and they allow us all to profit on it…..