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QUOTE(chowlover2 @ Oct 27 2009, 03:34 PM)
I totally agree w/you Margaret. How many times have we heard a solid was limited in production and then turned up at warehouse sales. The only solids I pay full price for are the Harrods' solids, as I don't think I have ever seen one turn up on Ebay that has come from the warehouse sales. If you wait long enough, you can generally acquire one MIBB on Ebay, at half the price. I was at Neimans 2 weeks ago, and they still had the Sand Pail, Lobster and Blue Ribbon Bulldog. meanwhile, I acquired a Lobster on Ebay MIBB for $100 a few months ago. It was at least half what it retails for in stores. Several years ago when I first started collecting, I bought the Strwaberry Surprise as a sales rep told me that was selling out. It's been on Ebay w/o box for the last year, so obviously you cant't trust the EL reps. If you love and absolutely have to have a solid go for it ( and unlimited funds ) But if you can hold out, I would advise you to do so. Look at it this way, more solids for your $$$$$ I also pay full price for the general release solids, as they seem to hold their value. When they come out of the warehouses, they are not that much cheaper than they are in stores now. This years selection is especially nice. I can't believe how much bling the Chinese Take-out container has for the $$$