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The black coated figure, his ice blue eyes set in a hollow face surrounded by a shock of white hair, his thin neck supported by a white dog collar, stared back at them. He smiled, a slow thin smile which grew and grew and grew until his whole countenance exhuded warmth and love!

'You all did well' he began. 'You all did exceedingly well, and Michele, you finally broke the WHITE SPIRIT! Who would have thought,' he continued, stooping down to retrieve a piece of green glass, 'that TEN GREEN BOTTLES HANGING ON A WALL would have helped you to do that!!!!!!!'

The group watched as the black frocked figure fumbled with his cloak. 'This is for you……..this is for you all to keep and treasure!' he said handing them HIS COAT OF ARMS! 'Take it now and enjoy! Enjoy the sunshine and the warm days. Enjoy the cold nights and the snow. Enjoy all that you have and all that is around you. These are solid relationships and this………he pointed to the walls of the Castle, this is yours for now and evermore! This you have conquered and all is done………….'

the end!

there was one green bottle hanging on a wall, one green bottle hanging on a wall, and if one green bottle should accidentally fall there………….WOULD BE A CASTLE!

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