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'This is real tough going!' Sandra exclaimed, counting as she climbed. '802, 803, 804……….' 'Come on Sandra! Wheres your Ozzie spunk' Michele laughed. 'Try counting backwards, you know, like the 999 Green Bottles, and that'll help. Remember, there were 999 Green Bottles Hanging on the Wall, 999 Green Bottles Hanging on the Wall, and if One Green Bottle should accidentally fall, there'd be 998 Bottles Hanging on the…………!!!!!!!!' 'Ugh' Sandra grunted, 'I dont want to start from the top.' 'That's OK' Martha joined in panting . 'Quite honestly Sandra, I would rather be counting backwards than forwards . Phew my legs are beginning to wobble!' Martha let out a yelp! 'There were 7 green bottles hanging on the wall, Seven green bottles………………..there were 5 green bottles, mmmmm, without Denise and Martha, 5 green bottles hanging on the wall……' Michele's voice could be heard singing merrily from behind.

Martha winced. She wasn't the type to give up easily. 'Onward Christian Soldiers………..' she sang out, her arms waving an imaginary baton wildly in the air……….' 'Good on yer Martha', Sandra held out her hand, ' One thing I've learned about you since we met is that you won't give up without a fight. Come on, hold on to me until you get your wind back………!'

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