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Suddenly, in a Flash Dance, JT was gone! Don stood, transfixed to the spot! 'Well I'll be a Hot Potatoe!' he yelled to Margaret. 'Didya see that?' 'See what?' she glared. She had certainly had enough of Don over the last couple of hours. Drgagging her out in the early hours for a walkabout, then watching him carry on a conversation with someoneone who wasn't there, and to top it all, yes, to top it all, watching the tail end of a Mermaid thrashing around in murky waters. 'Ya know somethin Don' she began, 'I just wanna get the hell out of this Castle and go home! We gott betta thins to do than mess around here. I wanna see our Grandson. I aint got time for all of this solid stuff!' Don returned her gaze, 'Camoooooooorn Margaret, use yer head girl! Yer know as well as I that our money aint goin anywhere these days! Think about it! We gonna have the greatest Collection in Texas ever, an we're gonna make our Grandson so proud of us, and one day, yeh, one day, he's gonna be King of the Castle and Ritchhhhhhhhhhhhhh…eeee!' Margaret's jaw dropped, 'Ya mean ya talkin abaout Lionel Ritchie now? Don, yer Nuts!' 'Meeeee. NUTS? LIONEL RITCHIE? Yer sooooooooo funny girl, yer really got me goin now!'' Margaret sighed! Don was really over the top, and she had had enough. 'Don I luv yer ta bits, but darlin, we're movin on. Yeh yer right about the Castle and our Granson bein the King and Ritchie……..yer meanin rich……… lets get back to the room and have some sleep an leave the Mermaid and everyone who aint here, here. Then we gotta move forward irrespective, and get the Coat of Arms.

'Come to think of it Don, it's DAWNing on me that it's a bit cold round these parts. Don thought for a moment, 'Ok Sweetheart, I hear ya……….meanwhile let me put my arms around ya, and yeh, lets get back …..and quick!'

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