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'Look behind you' the one in Black motioned. Four heads turned in unison. 'Sandra!' Denise rushed backwards, 'you're back!' 'She has never been away' the one in Black continued. 'Had you been paying attention you would have noted my words. That was a Mirage. She was with you all along. Her gift for the piano was Music to the White one's ears. That is why he chose to keep her locked away in his mind and unto himself. He is selfish, mean and a despicable character. He would not deem to share. He did not wish to share her. He does not wish to share the Castle, but he has no choice. You are a force he cannot fight and now he grows weary by the hour!' 'What about Michele and Martha?' Margaret whispered. 'Why did they leave in such haste without a backward glance?' 'Do not blame them' the one in Black sighed. ' It was not their choice. Michele was explicit in her warnings and the White One saw fit to remove her in haste. Martha was dragged along in the slip stream. Be compassionate and understanding. This was not their doing. Soon I shall endeavour to bring your friends back to you. You will be a group again and you will carry on your journey to retrieve the Coat of Arms. I cannot promise what else you will encounter on the way but you are prepared. Prepared in the knowledge that Good must overcome Evil. So travel onwards. Do not dwell on the past. Remember in life there are many question. Trust in yourselves and your goodness.'

The One in Black returned to the shadows…………. <img src='style_emoticons//ph34r.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’ph34r.gif’ />