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Don, Margaret, Martha, Denise, Jacky and Michele stood rooted to the spot in shock.

'Well I'll be dawged' Don exclaimed, 'Aint never seen anything like that befo!' 'Aincha gonna say somethin?' he asked, looking at the girls in total disbelief! 'Maybe I would have been better off just bumping into things!' Michele sighed. 'But now I am with all of you, I shall just have to suffer the consequences of my actions!' ''Ain'noneed for you to be fretting now girlie' Don scratched his head, 'we just gotta figure out what we gonna do next! An Michele, at this point, think you'd better backerds until we find out how we gonna get Sandra back!' The girls nodded. They needed a cohesive group to sort out the next problem. 'But' Martha spoke quietly, 'we will have to impress on Sandra that she must not believe all she sees.' 'Yes' Margaret added, holding tightly on to Don's arm, 'our aim now is, first to find Sandra, and second'………Jacky interrupted, 'to get to the Coat of Arms!'

The group sank down in a round circle on the squidgy floor of old soul(ids) to discuss what their next move would be! ……………