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Jacky woke in the early hours as the sun was beginning to rise. 'Oh Lord!' she exclaimed 'Oh Lord, why didn't I think of this before! Wake up all of you. Please, wake up!'

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'Ann! Ann!' Jacky's face was one of deep worry and consternation. 'What yer talking bout girl' Don drawled. 'Yes, yes!' the others chimed in, Martha and Denise meanwhile exchanging worried glances. 'Ann what? An……..whatcha thinkin about girl?' Don was becoming impatient. 'Ken!' Jacky spluttered…… Ken……..' 'Ken yer what??????? Don had had enough. 'Don Perignon next……' he added trying to turn his impatience into a joke…… 'I know what she is trying to say' Martha interrupted intent on introducing some sense into the conversation. 'We haven't seen Ken's head for a long time on the site………….Have we!'

The group fell silent. 'Yeh girlie…….. didn't we think of that before? Maybe he jest catcha cold aw somethin! Yeh we aint seen him around these parts for some time now. Well I'll be dawged, what has that woman been up to!'

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The black frocked figure smiled quietly to himself. At last the group was beginning to see the light! A new chapter was beginning. Maybe now they would see more clearly where they were heading! This was a friendly Castle after all. ……………..