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'But' the light suddenly came on in Martha's head, 'it's still dark out there. We have no way to go until the morning!' 'Don stared at Denise, 'I sure thought you was deeeeeeead! Sure thought you were gawn from here! Great Peas in a Pod, you sure worried us with all yer comings and goings! Now stick with us and dont you be runnin around by yerself anymore! Yer hear me?' Denise turned a whiter shade of pale! 'Yes, Don, I promise to stay with you all now! No more kilts and no more peas!'
Good on yer Girlie!'

Martha, Margaret and Jacky smiled with relief. At least Denise was under control and not DEAD! They needed her alive and ready for the next instalment (whatever that was going to be)!

'JEST-ugh minute=, the white figure wailed! 'JEST-Ugh minute, I think you've forgotten about me!'

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