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Martha, the fragile Southern Belle, had just about had it with the black frocked figure. She was about to turn into a Steel Magnolia as her fear turned to rage. How DARE that thing in a straggly black frock laugh at them in this situation.

If only she had some decent light to see what was going on where. Don's ZIPPO or whatever had been lost hours before…Denise was useless, Jacky wasn't moving too well, Margaret and Don were totally confused…Martha had to act soon!

The whole thing was getting out of hand. All they had done was come to the Castle to meet and exchange thoughts on solids and compacts. Now she had to worry about finding Lisa, Jack, Mimi, KK, Angelina, Phyllis, Ann & Ken, Ron, Mimi, Michaela, Liliane, Brigitte, Nancy, Debbie, Bess….and on and on. And what was all that bumping going on? Probably just Michele, blissfully unaware of any wrongdoings in the Castle, bumping into walls, falling down steps, totally useless also! How much could one Southern Belle worry about??

And Sandra! How to get those little party shoes off? She couldn't run if she wanted to, assuming it was REALLY Sandra! This just had to stop!