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'Heh there' Don drawled pointing to the solid sitting on his plate, 'what the heck is this?' 'I think this is a Haggis' Martha laughed, not realising there could be danger afoot. 'Looks like something the Cat's brought in!' Denise winced, 'And talking about Cats' Jacky interrupted, 'what on earth has happened to the disembodied head!' A stunned silence brought everyone back to reality. 'We'd better talk about that when we've finished here' Don whispered. 'And i'll be darned' he continued, 'This so called Haggis looks to me like the belly of a pig, and I aint eaten no belly of anythin!' 'It is Offal boiled in a Sheep's stomach. I'm sure you will appreciate it when you eat it' the Jester explained…. 'Well blow me down good and proper!' Don grimaced, 'I aint eatin that Offal stuff, so yer can take it away! I want a real good American Hamburger, that's what I want! You can keep all yer Sheep's stomachs and feed em to the birds!' 'Thanks very much Don!' Jacky replied, 'But I dont want to eat it either!' Don looked at her, his eyes wide open in amazement. 'Now did I tell yer to eat it, or did I not? You tryin to make an argument over nothin?' 'Don't be daft!' 'I thought you told us 'birds' to eat it! Must be a language problem!' 'Yes' Margaret agreed, 'I get your meaning but what are we going to do about food tonight?' 'Well I don't want to eat anything!' Denise said pushing her plate away. 'But you must' the Jest-ugh insisted. 'You cannot go to bed on an empty stomach!' 'Well it's better than a Sheep's stomach I can tell yer that!' Don replied. 'Come on Ladies, I'm outta here an if we gotta get some sleep, I think we had all better stick around in the same room cos I aint leavin you on your own, and that's a promise!'

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