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'I don't like this at all!' Margaret said apprehensively. 'Neither do I!' Denise added, 'I wish to God I had never joined you here. Honestly, had I known you were managing OK on your own, I would have left you all to it!' ' Thanks a bunch Denise' Jacky interjected. 'Yeh' Don drawled, 'honest to goodness gal, the more support we have the better for all of us. Remember that! In times of trouble yer friends are supposed to stand by not hide away!' 'I'm sorry' Denise mumbled, feeling embarrassed by her lack of consideration, 'but where's Martha? I thought she would have been here at the Castle by now!' 'She's here in spirit' Jacky smiled. 'She won't let us down. I know her too well for that! She stood by at Halloween and that was scary to say the least. She'll turn up when we need her. Wouldn't surprise me if she is with the other Collectors who disappeared outside!' 'UGH! What do you mean, other Collectors who disappeared outside?' Denise's face was a picture of terror. 'Nothin to worry about, believe me' Don remarked. Just take it easy. We gotta loooooooong nite ahead of us and there's no point geting yourself all worked up now. Fact is' he continued, 'there aint nothin we can do about it, so lets keep movin on without all these interruptions and all this frettin. Yep, we gotta lot of thinkin and sortin out to do now…….. Next question is what are they gonna feed us for food? An who the hell is gonna feed us……an we'd better be mighty careful of what we're gonna eat cos if it aint good ole solid food, then I aint eatin any of it. Dya hear me, anyone that's out there!'

'We hear you!' the apparation in the black frock coat chuckled……..'We hear you, looooooooud and Cleeeeeeeear! And remember the words that Michele wrote earlier, be careful of the one in White! Remember this well. I do not JEST-ugh! And if need be, return to the roots of this story for that is how it should be!

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