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'Margaret!' Jacky whispered , 'don't say a word. Just listen to me!' Margaret trembled. 'Things are getting a little complicated around here' Jacky continued, ' but try not to panic and I will explain so that we can go forward!' 'What about Don?' Margaret tried to hold back her tears, 'He looks as if he is in another world! I've never seen him look so queer!' 'Don't worry about Don' Jacky sighed, 'he's breathing and it won't take much to whip him back into shape! A few strokes of the Cat and he'll be back with us in no time!' Margaret heaved a sigh of relief! 'Now listen and try to get a grip on yourself! This is very important…' 'That was not Sandra with Jack!' Margaret's eyes began to pop out of her head! <img src='style_emoticons//ohmy.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’ohmy.gif’ /> 'Listen' Jacky hissed, 'That was Lisa! She has been going crazy the last couple of weeks. Think back Margaret. All those tennis balls, back and forth, forth and back……….that's enough to send anyone over the top! Look what she has been doing to the cats heads! What do you think she has been doing to Jack's head. She's been screwing it off, screwing it on. Changes them around. Now if that is normal, then I'm a monkey's Aunt!' Margaret nodded. 'But why has Lisa taken Sandra's head?' 'Don't you recall the remarks that Sandra made about the Cat?' Jacky continued, ' She really had Lisa going and……..hope you are following me……that is when Lisa lost her head (so to speak)! 'Sandra loves to play the Piano and Lisa didn't know this! She got more than she bargained for with Sandra! You can bet your best Solid that Sandra will have her own head soon and I just hope she realises that she hasn't got nine lives! Poor Don, Sandra drives him to distraction and now she's really floored him! '' A look of relief appeared on Margarets face! 'I get it!' she replied, almost stumbling over her words.

'What in the woooorld is goin on heeeere?! 'Don, Don, you're awake!' Margaret rushed forward, her feet momentarily holding her back! 'Yeh Honey, Course I'm back. Where the hell do ya think I'm goin lyin in all of this JUNK! Gimmee a hand up unless the two of ya are after my head!' Don struggled to his feet. 'I was listnin to what you were tellin Margaret, Jacky, an now I understand what's goin on here! As I see it' he continued, 'we gotta get movin along. Lisa is gonna get tired of Sandra wanting to be strutting her stuff on that Baby Grand, and Jack's gonna get tired of Lisa screwing his head off all the while!' 'Yes' Margaret interrupted, 'and the apparition is going to come back and the other collectors are going to be trapped!' 'Exactly!' Jacky smiled. 'Seems like we have got to keep on moving forward towards the Coat of Arms. Once we get there, we are in control! 'Yeh, an the Castle could be ours' Don grinned. 'Yes' jacky continued, but there's a long way to go still, and have you noticed how Denise hasn't joined us! Or Ron for that matter! Talk about 'chicken' but there again, we don't need anymore headless wonders!' 'Right on gal, right on!'

'So glad you are getting yourselves sorted out!' the black apparition chuckled……
'I told you this was a friendly Castle!' 'Just be careful of those old So(ul)ids underfoot…………………….

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