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A few months ago I was waiting for Neiman’s to collect all my things and get them to my car, so to kill time I decided to pop in to Nordstrom’s to check on the solids. It was one of those days when I was wired and just could not be still to “wait” for anything!

The sales rep at the E.L. counter was really sweet, but she hadn’t a clue about the solids. She got out a 3-ring binder and we started going through it page by page. I kept telling her I had a picture at home of the one’s they were getting.

She did say that sometimes they get a few at Christmas, but I over-ruled that again by saying they were going to be in by October. That was what the sheet from Nordstrom’s said.

When I said “Nordstrom’s” she looked at me and said…”That’s why we can’t find any pictures, dear. You’re in Lord & Taylor.” [Eek!] [Embarrassed] [Eek!]

Did you ever wish the floor would just open up and you’d drop down into never-never land? [Embarrassed] [Embarrassed]
The rep was extremely gracious, though. We both had a huge laugh over it. I DID purchase some lipstick and finally departed, with excellent instructions on where Nordstrom’s was located. Duh… [Silly]

End of very bad but true story! [Wink]