Solid Perfume Forums Re: NEWS: New Features Released!

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We rolled out some new features tonight. We were going to wait but we figured with the bad news of the recent crash everyone deserved some good news.

If you look in the top header you will see a button that goes to “Solids Database”. This is a new feature that will have a live searchable database of every solid ever produced. They will be searchable and sortable by fragrance, name, descriptive keywords, original price, and year produced.

There is an “Avg” feature that will show you the current average selling priced based on online auction sales and sales at this site. this will be greatly enhanced over the next few weeks.

There is also a feature that will allow you to track your collection. You can check off which solids you have by logging in (with the same user/pass as the chatboard) and clicking the “Add” text under any solids you have. then by going to “view my collection” you can see a listing of every solid you have and some statistical summaries about your collection.

Play around with it. Tell us what you think! Let us know if you have any problems and questions…I know it’s a very powerful database so there’s a lot you can do with it.

Finally, as you can see I have only included the photos of the solids I currently have. We are looking for your help with this. If anyone has a large collection and already has each solid individually photographed and is willing to help us complete our photo database, please email me! We are willing to pay for the use of your photos.

Again…any suggestions, concerns, or questions…don’t hesitate to email me!