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Hello Greyhound, I just had to answer your post and to let you know how I felt
on reading your thoughts.

I have always found you to be honest and articulate with your words. You have
a wonderful way of expressing yourself and it is always welcome to read your
down to earth and honest opinions when you write! You have never hidden
what you were feeling, and I admire you for that. Not many of us would be
so willing to expose ourselves in this way.

You are also very creative and the way you described feeling like ''a deer in
headlights….'' was a very realistic way of explaining to us how you feel at times.

We all have our own personalities and individual way of writing and feeling.
We all interpret what we read in different ways. One person might think another
is being rude when in actual fact they are making a joke or know personally
the person they are addressing at the time. I have always said the computer
can be a cold animal)

As Collectors we all have something in common. You may disagree with what
another person has written and you are quite free to do this.

So, for myself, all I can say is a Big Thank You for your honesty and for being
here with all of us.

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