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Nostalgia : Actually, at the time of it's release there was only one in Sydney (at the DJ store). It sold for AUD$1200.00 (when it was only US$250).

Also back in those days, the viewing was by invitation only. They did it one by one in a small room, so basically it was 'first in, first served'. They were over here in such limited numbers that if you didn't buy one in that viewing, chances were you weren't going to get one later on.

Hence they could charge a HUGE amount of money for them – most solids went for $800.00+

I know DJ's would have made a LOT of money from them, but remember they were limited in numbers and the import TAX on them was also quite steep.

If an individual got one sent over from a US store, the limit was AUD$400.00, before a tax was given. If you also take into consideration the exchange rate, one could therefore only buy 1 solid at a time. If it was held up at customs and the next one came in, they were added together. The tax was pretty high from memory, plus you had to pay an 'administration' cost if you got the paperwork.

So when the cost of internet went down, and more people could afford to have it in their homes, people found they could shop all over the world and then in the advent of Ebay, one found that they could pay what is now a MASSIVE price for any solid but it was still cheaper than buying one here, and therefore a BARGAIN!

Also, not all solids were released here. We found solids that we never even knew existed ! Ah . . . the good old days when solids were really hard to get, but the journey was fun !

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