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Michele – Are you serious about going to the CCC? I recently flew to Chicago on Southwest Airlines and they do not charge for bags. You might check if they serve your area.

Are some of our other members here going? The last time I went to this convention there were only three solid collectors, Woody, Katita and myself. We had fun buying from each other. Estee Lauder reps were there and had the new solids for sale. The rep from London took orders for theirs that were coming out later in the year. Does anyone know if EL will be participating in this years event?

I had a family emergency and did not make the IPBA the frist weekend in May. One of my friends who is a bottle collector called me from the showroom there and said one of the raffles was the EL Richshaw. I didn't have that so asked her to please buy 5 tickets for me. Can't believe it but I Won! Maybe the secret is don't attend – just send money for the raffles. <img src='style_emoticons//laugh.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’laugh.gif’ />