Solid Perfume Forums Re: New Photo – Taj Mahal

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Oh Martha…No wonder the south lost the war. (They really did…and I hate to tell you that.) The level is in the shed somewhere…keep looking! Or, it’s under the seat of your pick-up?

The Taj on the EL site is probably jacked up with an empty shell casing, but what do I know. Otherwise, it’s gorgeous, as is yours, I’m sure.

Loveperfume…have you checked under your picture of Elvis on black velvet? [New Laugh] [New Laugh] The pickup is sure to be around there somewhere. You’re probably packing it up and ready to make the trip up here to “visit” with a Yankee, yes? Advance notice would be only fair…give me time to pack up my shoe rack and get out of town fast. [Big Grin]

Guess I better go before I get in hot water…again! [Silly]