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Hi Martha,
You are so right about Shari Pinna! She is an excellent EL Representative. [Smile] [Smile] I purchased all my EL solids and powder compacts from her this year.

Like you I called and thought I would use my Visa or Master Card to make my purchases. Than I found out they only take Neiman Marcus charges and personal checks. [Confused] Shari sent me the application form for the charge and in no time at all I had my card. [Big Grin] Shari held all the items that were in for a double point day. And like you I got all sorts of goodies including the mirrors.

I also contacted Shari about the Jay Strongwater mirror with the Cardinal on it. She checked with her boss, they received butterflies no cardinals. But Shari didn’t stop there, she contacted an EL Rep in SAKS but they didn’t get cardinals either.

I think that cardinal mirror must be very special. Possibly one of a kind???