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Jacky, I would gladly send you a ticket to Australia, but sadly, you would get caught up in customs walking through and the items would be confiscated or you would have to pay thousands of dollars to get them through AND be subject to interrogation – and then we would have to say that we didn’t know you or what you’re doing with all those solids!

Our beagle sniffer dogs are the best in the world, and our customs guys are EXTREMELY protective of our land and laws – you can only bring in up to a maximum of AU$400.00 worth of new goods. They take everything off you that they can and fine you on the spot for anything that may contravene Australia’s beauty! Lovely to be protected, but at times they are a tad visious when you get off the plane after a long hour flight and are expected to remember everything you packed!

I had a Christmas present for my dog taken off me when I returned from England last January. I was quite mortified by the experience because I had forgotten I had it – and anyway, it was only because I didn’t declare that I had ‘petfood’, not that they were forbidden. At 5:30am, I was literally yelled at and interrogated like a criminal! A lovely welcome back into the country!

So my little doggie missed out, and I had nothing for him! And I spent the rest of the day fuming about it – the treatment ! There are nicer ways to handle things, but then again, I could have been the one who spread nasty disease in dogs!

OK – so does that kill the idea? Sorry.