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Aussie Girl
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Hello and welcome. It will be so nice to have another Melbourne member on the site.

I can advise you that (according to my E.L. rep)David Jones will be getting all the Neiman Marcus/Bergdorf Goodman solids, the Cupid’s Garden & the Flower Blossom from Nordstrom’s, the general distribution solids & also the Shimmering Oasis and the Showgirl. The ones we will not be getting are the Saks Jay Strongwater exclusives. For some obscure reason they are all coming into Melbourne first before they are sent off to the other states & will be in store 31st October. I was told that D.J’s are also getting the Wedding Cake, Fruit Plate & Rodeo Cowgirl. If you are interested I also have the prices in A.U.D.

I still can’t believe we are getting so many – E.L. must have finally recognized there is a market here!!! [New Laugh] [New Laugh]

Karen [Smile]