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Thank you so much Barb for letting us know that the New York Estee Lauder store has this solid in. I have just placed my order with them as well thanks to your post. When this solid first came up on this board earlier this fall, I have had my eye on getting it. I feel it will be a great addition to my collection and liked very much the design of this solid from the pictures posted here. About two weeks ago I started to call various stores (Saks, Neiman Marcus) around the country (US) asking about their 2006 Spring solids. What I got was really something else. No one knew nothing about anything. One Saks associate thanked me for giving her information. The most disturbing comment for me was an associate from the EL Las Vegas store saying, “We won't know anything until the Compact Collectors Convention comes here in June.” Well we know that convention won't be in Las Vegas this year thanks to Woody and EL New York already has the spring Strongwater in their store. I know from past posts here the EL New York store has been great to work with and for me today was no exception. They were very nice to do business with and took time with me. That is something else with Christmas less than a week away.

My best wishes for other members here on getting their spring 2006 solids for their collections.