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What do you mean by “legitimate seller?” Will they rip you off? Probably not. They're being honest in their advertising. They probably got the solids from the factory or a warehouse sale. In fact, one seller states the solids were obtained direct from the factory. I wouldn't want it without the box and perfume (unless it was an appealing prototype) but someone else might. It's a personal preference that we've discussed on this site many times.

QUOTE(mybuffy69 @ Jul 3 2007, 06:32 PM)
Just a curious question for you all.† There are several postings lately in eBay for Jay Strongwater (and other) solids that have never been filled with perfume before.† Do you think these are legitimate sellers?† If so, how did they come by them? It's odd too that they don't have boxes, only the bag.† Doesn't seem on the up and up, but maybe some of you have insight.