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QUOTE(mybuffy69 @ Jul 6 2007, 04:50 PM)
Thank you for your inputs everyone.  The pitcher, strawberry and a few others are ones that I REALLY like that i've seen empty.  You've all made me feel better about these being options.


The Jay Strongwater compacts are lovely, particularly the Strawberry.

This is just my personal opinion and probably it has all been said many times before but perhaps it would be better if the stores flooded the market with E L compacts rather than the empty factory versions that appear on ebay, at least that way we would have the pouches and boxes? Yes, if a compact is rare then I will purchase it without a box or perfume until the opportunity comes along for me to buy one complete with perfume and boxes. Estee Lauder Company please note: while companies such as Neiman Marcus and Saks are pushing the exclusivity of your compacts and the CC stores are limiting the number of compacts we collectors can purchase, ebay is flooded with empty Estee Lauder compacts being sold for a fraction of the price, thus destroying their value. Sheer hypocrisy!
If Estee Lauder was alive she would be shocked and disappointed at the way her company is being run today.

A totally disillusioned collector
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