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Hi all! I have been seeling empty solids on ebay that are empty and have no box. Let me make something clear. These are legitimate estee lauder compacts. I have a connection in Rhode Island. The reason they come with the pouch is that I purchased pouches to give my customers at least something. I assure you that these were not stolen and are the real thing. I have even come across a few that were made and not released. I had a peas in pod on ebay that went for a decent price but later found out it was an unsual piece being that the stones were on the peas instead of the pod. So this goes to show you that you might just be getting a one of a kind directly from the factory. I hope I have answered some of your questions. Besides it seems to me that the value (even though better mint in box) is actually in the design of the compact. I guess this is why the carousel was selling so high no matter if it was empty or not.