Solid Perfume Forums Re: Neiman’s New Catalogue

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Hi Martha:

Am trying to figure out which book you received. The Large one, as in “The Book,” or one of the smaller ones? Have gone through September and October’s but can’t find anything remotely like what you have. [Puzzled]

Did receive the Christmas Catalogue and if anyone was thinking of purchasing the $12,000,000 Lear Jet that seats 12, forget it. Already in my hangar. [Big Grin] Must “tweak” some things on the instrument panel, adjust the throttle (I really hate running out of fuel over the Atlantic…..messy, messy), plus I sort of have the urge to stencil the cabin. [New Laugh]

And the Beemer??? Too bad…it’s already in my driveway. Sorry!

If anyone believes any of this, please send me whatever medication you’re taking! [New Laugh] [New Laugh] [New Laugh]

Have a good weekend… [Silly]