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Janice Holton
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Hi Lisa,
Those were all great tips! I do have one comment to add regarding the negative feedback.
I try to do everything in my power to resolve any problems that I may have but sometimes
no matter what you do, it’s out of your hands! I have a negative feedback from someone who thought they were buying a full bottle of perfume when I clearly stated right in the description
that it was empty. Not only that, she left me negative feedback without even giving me a chance to resolve or explain the situation. If she had, I would have directed her to the auction description and it would have been resolved. If that didn’t satisfy her, I probably would have offered to take it back but I wasn’t given the chance.

Two other negatives come from a lady who won multiple auctions from me. She wrote me two weeks AFTER she received my package that two of the items were missing. I know good and well that I packed everything. I checked and double checked the list before I closed the box. I couldn’t prove that though so rather than argue with her, I offered her a refund. She refused the refund and left me negative feedback anyway and called me rude! There are just loony people out there sometimes. I was the lucky one to run into them.

So my advice is that if the seller does have two or more negatives that you read the comments, the sellers response, and even the negative person’s feedback. You can tell a lot by that. OK, my soap opera is over. [Smile] All this happened a long time ago, but sometimes you just feel the need to vent, ya know?