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Here are just a couple of tips to prevent bad transactions on ebay.

Always look a sellers and bidders feedbacks, I avoid sellers and bidders with more than 2 negative feedbacks or sunglasses, this means they are new with ebay(I email new ebayers first) or have changed thier ID at some point (1 negative may just be a mistake or miscommunication)

I always use a Mastercard, or Visa, that you can always put in a dispute with them.

Know postage fees, tax and insurance up front. When selling I always make the bidder get insurance or delivery confirmation.

Did you all know that you can block certain bidders with 0 or negative feedbacks from ever bidding on your auctions?

Always leave the appropiate feedback for bidders and sellers. If you have a non paying bidder make sure to fill out the non paying bidder form with ebay, three strikes and they are out (in most cases)

You may also request a refund on an auction’s listing fees if the high bidder doesn’t go through with the transaction. An auction may be listed again for no charge if there were 0 bids or the reserve wasn’t meet.

Remember ebay only reimburses $200 minus a $25 fee if you claim insurance through them.

If anyone has any more tips please feel free to post.