Solid Perfume Forums Re: My problem on ebay

Judith Anne
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One problem, as I see it, with your bad deal, Lisa, is that because the auction was ended by the seller,in E-Bay’s books no transaction took place. Were you able to leave feedback? You can’t usually leave feedback when there has been no “official” tranaction. Perhaps the seller knew this.

In the EsteeMania’s case, I hope she contacted E-Bay directly and left negative feedback. Sellers who pull a couple of unscrupulous moves like that will lose their right to conduct business on E-Bay.E-Bay does issue warnings when they receive legitimate negative complaints against a seller. EsteeMania won the auction fair and square with Buy It Now. That seller would be in E-Bay’s bad books!

Both situations show greedy sellers. There are so many wonderful buyers and sellers on E-Bay that is indeed unfortunate that everyone can’t follow the code of ethics. I do agree with Lisa that we can all do our part by not making offers on auctions already won by someone else. That’s not acceptable either.