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'marie5' wrote on '19:

I have the green handle and the blue handle tennis racket. I have all 3 Fairies. I have the gold beehive and the All the Buzz one. I have the white shell and the black shell turtle. I have all 3 champagne bottle in the bucket ones. I'm thinking of downsizing and am wondering which one I should keep of each. Any ideas on value and popularity?

Hi Marie – Well this is a difficult question for me because I try so hard to get the various compacts that are in a group for example the tennis rackets. Personally, I like knowing the differences between them. I do think that some colors or characteristics come from what store the compact was released from. Also some variances are prototypes that end up on the market.

If you feel you have to get rid of any, I would say to downsize out the ones that do not bring you joy. If there is no sentimental reason or a fun “hunt” story, if you look at the All the Buzz and don't smile. Well to me those would be the ones to get rid of. Now from a value standpoint we all know that most times you don't get what you originally paid except in some instances. Of the ones you listed I believe that the All the Buzz, gold beehive and the rhinestone covered champagne bucket are the most valuable but the faires may be more than than even the rhinestone champagne. But the most important thing to me as a collector is if it 1)brings me joy looking at it 2) was it a great hunt or personal gift and 3) if the house was burning down, which ones must go with you to survive the fire!! I hope that helps with perspective.

Personally, my goal is to one day have them all and open a solid perfume bed and breakfast/museum. A girl has to have a dream. When I am feeling horrible I design the displays in my B/B Solid Museum! That brings me lots of joy! 🙄