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hi, I started as a miniature collectors before moving to solid perfumes. However, I did not stop collecting them. I have about 600 of them now, all are good and branded ones. I do not use them and each time I buy a bottle. I make sure the cap is tight, so the perfume will not evaporates and drys up.
I started collecting around 20 years ago when all this miniature were given out free for promotion when they launch the perfume. I was so poor to buy so I wil go early in the morning to wait at the entrance of the departmental store , just to make sure I get it.
At times when I need to rekindle the smell that I missed, eg. Lou Lou from Cacharel, I will tap a little on my pulse, it still smells great. I am so glad that the scents did not change.
Certain scents still brings back the fond memory for the past years. And I am glad I still have them with me.
NOw that I saw the rainbow display from one of the collectors here, it is time for me to bring all out again and proudly display them.