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Hi Ann & Ken,

I’m so glad to hear that Ken is back home again. Take care of yourselves and take it easy for a couple of weeks in order that you will comletely recover.

Please be so kind as to explain the white and the blue ramp, as I don’t understand what you mean. Is what you call the white and the blue ramp the place on the white horse back behind the saddle?? When I examined the pic on Lisa’s site and the one in Roselynes book I saw that the roof of the carousel has not the same sequence of colors. The one in Roselynes book blue/green/red and the one on Lisa’s site has blue/red/green.

I own both the carousels and mine have exactly the same roof but the place behind the saddle is different, one blue and one white.

The one in the round box (white) was issued 1999 and was the “white” version. The one in the square box was isued in 2000 and was the “blue” version and also has the year 2000 engraved inside the solid.

Take care