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Hi Ann & Ken,

What a good news knowing that you are back to this forum!!! Wish you speedy recovery, Ken! You both take great care.

I do not have Roselyn’s book so I didn’t know the two versions of Carousel until reading Ann & Ken’s posting. Gladly, I found my own has the “blue rump” which came in a square box. [New Laugh] [Big Grin]

To Debbie and other collectors who still want a Carousel:

Just want to share that mine was actually bought from a ebay seller. Its condition is perfectly as described and frankly I am very happy with it. The price was nearly three times of its original price. I hesitated because of the high price before placing my bid but after checking its value from this site and gathering opinions from other collectors here, I decided to place my bid.

I understand that there are many tricky and unhonest sellers out there. But here in HK, there isn’t too many channels to buy past years discontinued solids. Seems like ebay is the only channel. So buying good old ones from ebay we need $$$ and luck!

Everybody, good luck! Hope you could get one soon!