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Hi Angelina:

I really appreciate your post. After losing that auction on ebay for the mermaid solid, I decided to back off ebay for awhile. I found a wonderful seller who allows layaways and has a very good reputation. So, I opted for a carousel solid instead of the mermaid because that one seems to be more rarer. The carousel comes mint in original box and the seller has graciously allowed me to do a layaway so that I can own this exquisite piece. I plan to pay off my layaway for the dragon at the end of this month, so I am happy that I lost the ebay auction when I did.

I know that in the future I will try to get a mermaid solid. I may even wait until the seller from whom I bought the dragon and carousel gets a mermaid.

I also plan to sell some Steiff bears on ebay in the near future, now that I have a paypal account and can accept credit card payments.