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Hi Barb,

I have the Mermaid solid and have to say that it is one of my favorites…… actually goes well with my Shimmering Oasis solid (Palm Tree) which is beautiful also! I wish you luck with your ongoing search for the Mermaid and do hope that you are able to get it from the seller on Ebay. I know exactly how you feel regarding the SolidPerfumeSingapore bidder who outbids you in the remaining few seconds of the auction. If I had a nickel for everytime she/he has outbid me in the last split second, I would be a rich woman by now! I have a feeling that this person is buying under one ebay id and selling under another one because he/she has bought duplicates of many solids. Even when the auction says “will send to US only,” she/he still bids and apparently has an address over here. That is what I found out when I was outbid for an auction that stated “US only” and the seller told me that the Singapore bidder had provided a US address, so there is no winning with this Singapore bidder out there. I have been so disgusted at times being continually outbid by this person, that I have almost given up Ebay. If this person was a collector and just acquiring pieces for his/her collection then I wouldn't mind, but when he/she keeps bidding and winning on the same solids over and over again…….then I tend to feel like this person is taking away from the collectors like you and I. This is just my opinion and I just had to say my piece about it because apparently I am not the only one that is frustrated with this Singapore bidder.

Well good luck with getting your Mermaid. When you see it in person you won't believe how beautiful it really is.

Take care,