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Don and Margaret,
I don't have a digital camera. So you won't being seeing my pictures till I remidy that problem. I keep saying I'm going to try one of those Kodak throw away cameras but I haven't done that yet.

Your photos are so nice and clear & great color. I'm thinking that you might want to have your pictures added/loaded into the members photo section. There is a yellow tab at the top of the screen labeled MEMBERS PHOTOS it would be nice if your photos were there. Than anytime we wanted to look at them we could just go to that tab instead of having to remember the topic they were posted under.

Since I haven't taken any digital pictures I don't know what is involved in getting you space under Members Photo tab. But Jack knows everything about this board along with others members who already have their photos in the Members section. I'm sure anyone of them would be happy to help you if you were interested in doing that.

Thanks for sharing your photos and ideas on displaying them. I appreciate it and look forward to seeing more pictures.