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You have some really great matches there. I especially like the Roulette powder with the Lucky hand solid, great! As for the Japanese tsuru fan I also started out matching it with the Venetian fan solid, but it is not ideal since the crystals on the tsuru fan are yellow and the venetian fans are sparkling white… (I know… I am very picky…) and it is a bit of an obvious match… I matched it with the Chinese blue love knot compact instead, it's gorgeous; that compact goes perfect with the Precious peacock as well. However, if you wish to have a sort of theme to your matchings, then of course this is not ideal either… I do have a theme and colour match which I really like:

Magnificent Marlin with the Blue and Green shell compacts and I also threw in the Palm tree compact for the tropical island feeling

As for Cinderellas coach, maybe the Sophisticated lady compact with its shoe on a pillow could be something… or maybe some other shoe compact… Or a simple golden heart compact?