Solid Perfume Forums Re: Matching powder & solid compacts
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Hi there:

Yes, Martha it’s me luscious11!!! I hope you are enjoying those powder compacts you purchased from me! Kim has also purchased some from me !!

Lisa: I have a few other solids that have matching powder compacts..They are:

The golden elephant page 89
The fabulous frog page 96
The ladybug page 92
The heart w/pearls page 92
The baroque page 34
The seashell page 84
Red Enamel Collector’s egg page 98
Minaudiere page 102
All 12 zodiacs pages 109-112
ladybug page 120
beautiful to boot page 114
plum page 114

of course, probably a partial list. Some were not made at the same time the other was made but some were put out the same year as the solid.
If I think of any more, I’ll let you know..
Also, the America the Beautiful compact would go with the star spangled hat but the hat was issued when the star spangled drum was….
and so on…..
[Roll Eyes]