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Dear Ann and Ken
I have been on a sales course for 2 days and am just catching up with your posts.
You will get me a Divorce before I’ve even got him up the isle but hey let’s test my relationship and go for it!! please post the Strongwater boxes [New Laugh] [New Laugh]
What are the little hearts in the picture? [Puzzled] and are the long sparkly things atomisers?
Just got my roulette solid from Micky today but there was a stone missing and the perfume inside was cracked, thankfully she is very helpful and is going to change it for me! [Big Grin]
Looking forward to your photo’s I feel another collection coming on! I only have a 2 Bedroom Maisonette! [Eek!] might have to move Kevin out any way to create more room [New Laugh]
Maggie [Smile]

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