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Yeah – just incredible the amount of lives lost in one day by the power of Mother Nature! We have all been watching the images of the devastation and are just totally shocked at it all like the rest of you.

The outpouring of money to the relief effort is amazing – and yes – the public donates much more than the governments and businesses – truly terrific and gives hope to faith in human kind.

Tragic events make the world come closer together, but I suspect that there has been something going on that has yet to come of light that makes the earth 'quake' and move, causing all this tragedy.

What is going on underwater??

Just before the Christmas, many many whales headed south (in fear, we believe) and beached themselves in Tasmania. This was the warning for something happening that we could not understand then.

I wonder if Nuclear Bomb testing has been still going on without the general public knowing. This was happening in the Pacific not too many years ago and was promised to be stopped . . . . . but how do we know it wasn't taken somewhere else?

I just wonder if mankind has caused the earth to react. We must take more care of it so it is gentler to us in the future.