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The public donations here in the UK now stands at £60m (£10m yesterday alone).
It is interesting the public donations are higher than the governments!
We mustn't lose the momentum as it will take a long long time to get anywhere near normality. It will show in about 15 to 20 years time in some of the countries where there will be very small workforces due to the high number of children lost. There are some terrible stories coming out of these countries along with heartening stories. To lose a loved one is bad but I cannot imagine losing almost all of your family and your home in one day. I am sure I am not alone in feeling guilty about the excesses of Christmas. I gave money at my local bank and my husband spent ages on the phone to donate that way. The time it took proves that this has touched everyone and it is good to know people are giving so quickly. It doesn't need to be a lot but every penny counts. I know it made me feel less useless to just give money. I think it was Michele who said if she could spend $250 on a solid she could make a donation to this fund. At this time of year I suffer from 'siege syndrome' and my home is full of food and drink. It feels awful to watch these people who haven't even got clean drinking water.
I am making my new years resolution to give more to charities throughout the year. It makes you count your blessings.