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Mimi –

Love your explanation of “mud stabbers.” Sulfur Bottom? I’d say that was a strange name for a town, but we have some odd ones too…in Amish country, believe it or not! Blue Ball, Virginville and Intercourse are only 3 of about 12…hey, I didn’t name them! [Eek!]

Not kissing the toads was a very good idea…a tiny bit risky and it might have turned out to be someone less than Pierce Brosnan…perhaps a Prince Charles?? [Razz] .

The oddest creature I’ve ever seen was in South Carolina (but not North Carolina!) We were on the beach, just relaxing, when I saw this “thing” out of the corner of my eye. I swear…it was walking sideways towards me and had eyes like the headlights of an old Model “T” Ford. And it was quite large! I thought someone was playing a joke on us with a puppet, or perhaps one of Jim Hensen’s muppets had gotten loose, but it turned out to be a real creature. I think they called it a sand crab or something. Anyway, when I realized it was real, I sort of levitated back to the house, locked the door, and swore I’d never go outside until it was time to head North again! Now that would make an interesting solid!

Your driving experience sounds wonderful…there’s no where around here to even attempt anything so fun! That’s what I consider growing up the fun way!

Thanks for the explanation…I can picture it! [Wink]


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